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What is ISBEC 2023?

Interdisciplinary symposium on the development of bioresource engineering based on the analysis of colloid aggregation and electrokinetic phenomena (ISBEC) is an international symposium organized by the research unit from University of Tsukuba.
For the past three years, this research unit has held online symposiums at TGSW that connect Asia and Europe across various fields of bioresources, such as soil, water environment, and food, with colloid aggregation at the core. In particular, in terms of countermeasures against global warming, understanding of micro phenomena and macro technology at colloidal interfaces, such as civil engineering measures to respond to sea level rise in coastal areas and construction of academic systems for building a carbon-neutral society. It has been confirmed that deepening our understanding of colloidal aggregation is extremely effective in linking technical issues. In this symposium, with the aim of developing concrete discussions that have been held online so far, we invited researchers who have a proven track record in online activities, and conducted face-to-face exchanges at a small international symposium. In order to improve the network, we will consider future research development in a more concrete form. In particular, on the first day, topics from the field of biomaterials engineering will be provided, and we will enhance colloidal engineering of bioresources from an interdisciplinary perspective.

In order to enforce the activity of research unit, we are organizing ISBEC2023.
There are three purposes of this activity.
(1) Enforce the aspects of bioresource engineering placing an emphasis on the wood science and civil and environmental engineering.
(2) Promote interdisciplinary exchanges in bioresource engineering.
(3) Deepen the fundamental knowledge of colloidal dynamics which forms basis of above activities.
During the two days, network formation (DX) in the domain of the research and education of bio-resources engineering is also discussed. Throughout these activities, we will discuss the possibility toward the development of Bio-resources engineering.

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